GeoPlanet Lectures

All you want to know about climate change and its impact from the ocean perspective

by Jacek Piskozub, Jan Marcin Węsławski, Joanna Piwowarczyk, Tymon Zielinski (IOPAN)


Abstract: Climate change and associated modification of the ocean is a fact, however, it seems to be the most undervalued and little understood “pandemic” challenge of this century. We live in a world where environmental data is increasingly being amassed and models are generating finer scale and increasingly dense numbers of outputs, resulting in the production of high level scientific information on climate and ocean. However, the knowledge generated is often inaccessible, incomprehensible and misunderstood by society. During the course we will discuss the need for sustainability actions, the role of the ocean processes in the climate system, climate change impacts on global environment and the humans.

Assessment: TBC

Credits: 3 ECTS

Program of the studies: “GeoPlanet” interdisciplinary subjects (item 2.2 in the program of the studies)

Form: online + in-person at IO PAN, Sopot (TBC)

Date & time: Spring 2022, details will be announced later

Course syllabus:

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